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Served With Style - Edition 3

Updated: Sep 8


I can be inspired anywhere! My eyes and mind are always open in search of design and serving concepts that could work in an event setting. Whether at a restaurant, mall, casino, or just a coffee shop - I always feel inspired to create designs that can stand out from the competition and make a client’s event spectacular!

Gary and I found ourselves jolting through the airport during a quick layover in Dallas, in desperate need of a caffeine infusion. I came across this kiosk in the center of the airport. I shot a few photos with my iPhone, where they remained for two years, when I was inspired to pull them out in preparation for the University Hospital’s 150th anniversary Gala in Cleveland.

The idea was to create two large ”rooms” within the vast convention center space where food stations would be enclosed. Not only did the “rooms within a room” help with the flow and logistics, but they also made a dramatic visual statement in the large conference center. For many guests, who had been to events in the space previously, experienced this design as a surprise architectural element.

The framework for the rooms were crafted using uprights and crossbars along with double plated base plates. Covering the uprights with ABS plastic tubing, we were able to create shelving to hold accessories, die cut panels, and custom branding. We loved the way the structures also defined the event flow and gave architectural interest for the middle to ceiling vertical space.


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