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Served With Style - Edition 11


Today we are sharing a cool food display we created last year for a large corporate event. The theme was country music and inspired by Blake Shelton, as he was the featured entertainer for the event. Our vision was to create food stations with service from behind so guests never saw the waitstaff. Seen here is an example of the salad display.


Walls were created with long narrow shelving units where individual salads could be displayed.


Acrylic “windows” were dipped in a water/spray paint mixture that created anll acrylic marble effect.

The “marble” effect was a hue that was just enough for the wait staff to see through, to determine where to refill empty areas on the display. Small hinges were attached for easy access.


As of recent, to navigate during COVID-19, many food stations will have to be individually served. This design may serve as a terrific new solution to some of those challenges. Obviously, each vessel will now include a lid to ensure safety.

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