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Served With Style - Edition 10

Updated: Sep 8


As promised, here are a few more images of the surprise 60th birthday party we designed a few weeks ago!

Remember, the theme was “Age Is Just A Number”.

A large portion of the design was oversize buttons. We had hundreds of custom buttons created for the staff to wear along with the possibility of guests taking them home. We played off of the circular shape throughout the design. Also, the idea of “numbers” was another way to enhance the theme.

At the front entrance to the party tent, we created a three dimensional archway with the numbers of years, months, minutes, and seconds all indicating the total of 60 years.

Four separate lounge areas were installed in the center of the tent. Each lounge was dedicated to another specific number.

Four children, three grandchildren, fifteen years in paradise (referencing their time in Key West) and forty amazing years of wedded bliss.

We scavenged through family photos to create custom collages that would include friends and family.

High top tables were also accessorized with photo collages and some of his favorite phrases.


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