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Clearing the Table: Dos and Don'ts

You will notice when dining at different types of restaurants how the wait staff clears the

table. I am often surprised at some 5 Star restaurants that don’t follow proper procedures, especially when it is claiming to be “Fine Dining.”

When at an event I'm designing, I always try to make sure the staff is aware of the Dos and Don'ts of serving. Sometimes I don’t get my way. Often it is the quality of the caterer that the client has chosen for the event. Training a staff properly is something that takes time, energy, and can be costly. I try to at least let the staff know what the rules are and ask that they do their very best.

I like to think that these rules are not only followed when dining at a respected restaurant or wonderful celebration in a hotel or catering venue, but to be put into effect at your next dinner party as well.

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