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I Love a Menu Card!

Menu cards are so important for many reasons. Not only are they a fun momento of an

occasion and a meal, they are also another design element to your well designed tablescape.

The number one reason I like menu cards for the events I plan is simply because I want the guests to know what they will be eating. Some guests may have dietary needs that they had not

mentioned to the host before the event. They are able to then let the wait staff know if there is

an issue, which will give the kitchen plenty of time to handle the change. In the same respect,

some guests just like to know what’s next so they can pace themselves and not get filled up too


Whether dashed off by hand on a piece of card stock, typed and printed on decorative

scrapbook paper or letter pressed on a heavy card stock paper, a menu card at each place setting is

one of my favorite parts of designing a beautiful table.

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