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Served With Style - Edition 1

Updated: Sep 8


“If you have been at an event design by Joe Mineo Creative, you probably have been greeted by a delicious morsel served in a unique way. Maybe a rolling cart filled with antipasto or a simple custom tray that incorporates the personality of the event or the guest of honor.  Here are some of our favorite hors d'oeuvres passing trays to give you inspiration for your next event."

The wood department in your local craft store is your best friend! Here we used all wood elements to create trays that held waffle cones filled with fruit chips. Squeeze bottles filled with flavorful toppings were available for guests to add.

Another idea using wooden boxes. Filled with Styrofoam to hold skewers while a small grapevine nest holds crackers. Notice one of the wooden boxes is cut in half and attached to the side, which allows cocktail napkins to slide in and out easily.

Go to the next ailse in the craft store to find papier-mâche. Here we used a papier-mâche book that we covered with custom graphics. The bottom is filled with salt and hidden with popcorn. The cones were able to nestle into the salt and sit upright.

For years I've been using inexpensive plastic frames for vatious purposes at parties. These are the kind that have carboard backing inserts. Rather than lining the inside of the tray, we spray glued images of our guest of honor on the underside, keeping the top clean and easy for cleaning off between rounds.

Since were in the papier-mâche aisle, how about large letters covered in silver masking tape? Finish it off with gold thumbtacks. So Cool!

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