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Southwoods Executive Center Main Entrance

Southwoods Executive Centre

Full Restoration

Site Design • Architectural Design • Interior Styling

Full restoration (start to finish) of the Historic Southwood Executive Center Building in Youngstown Ohio. 

Southwoods Sign
Southwoods Health Exterior Art
Southwoods Health Flowers

Ed originally called me August during Covid. He had just recently purchased the original sheet and tube corporate offices and was looking to move all of his different companies that at the time were scattered throughout Youngstown, all into one building.

Southwoods Health Reception Area
Southwoods Health Reception Area
Southwoods Reception Area
Southwoods Health Reception Area

We started with an initial walk-through of the space. What his overall goals were in the different areas, but was open to suggestions. He asked us to help with the flow of the building and how the potential 2000 employees would work seamlessly in the massive building.

Southwood Health Auditorium and Conference Room
Southwoods 14.jpg
Southwoods Health Conference Room Table and Hallway

My love for mid-century design and how important it is to preserve it. To respect and honor the art. The importance of custom design pieces. From Ed’s desk, conference room buffet, front registration desk to custom art. It makes the space more personal and special.

Southwoods Health CEO Ed Muransky at desk
Southwoods 08.jpg
Southwoods Health Wall Clocks and Restroom Decor
Southwoods 22.jpg

It was also necessary that every small directional plaque, every restroom or exit sign, every name plaque on all executives doors, were custom designed to coincide with all the other elements. We created the shape of each plaque along with font, color, and the type of product that all the signage was made of. We were also a part of where exactly each sign would be hung, the measurement off the floor, and the angle of every sign.

We oversaw every single design element that was installed. Every piece of art, every piece of furniture being installed, along with accessorizing all the different areas.

Before & After

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